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Just for you docks

Built for your needs!

We have developed and tested our docks so that our customers benefit from a superior quality product that requires little or no maintenance and that is easy to install and remove.

At NADOCKS, we always listened to our customers in order to improve and perfect our products that have proven themselves for many years. 


A variety of designs and sizes to choose from including composite decking options!

Docks on the rock

Building in those tough spots!

Sometimes it's not always possible to have those floating docks. You may have lots of rock cuts in front of your property, or large open water with lots of wind and waves, causing a floating dock to break and feel constantly unsteady. Our Docks on the rock are ideal for those situation, creating a beautiful walkable edge to your waterfront. These docks are cut to fit the rocks edge formation. 


Our docks on the rock are built in the wintertime to facilitate working on the waters edge.  

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