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We started building docks in 2016, but officially open NADOCKS in 2021! With over 30 years of experience in carpentry, welding and building various items, we know exactly what it takes to build a sturdy, long lasting product that is suited to your needs! Family owned and proud community supporter, we offer friendly and customized service, and our clients are always important! 

No two waterfront are identical, and buying a pre-made dock doesn't always accommodate what you need. Our prices are affordable, our docks are built to last, and are built for you!

Custom built docks and docks on the rock to fit your needs


Get the accessories needed or desired to upgrade or embellish your docks.

Various options: Installation, delivery, setting-up, building on site. 


“We just love our dock. It's sturdy and it was built to fit the way our beach is made, with a long ramp to go over shallow waters. It's a great size, beautiful quality, and the service was excellent!”

John Merub, Nipissing

“I can't say how much I love my dock on the rock! I couldn't have a regular dock installed because of high winds on the lake, thus NADOCKS installed a dock on the rock and it doesn't budge. I just enjoy being able to sit by the lake knowing my dock won't move.”


Barb, Nipissing​

"I'm so ecstatic with my dock on the rock! I just can't stop looking at it, walking on it, it's absolutely beautiful! Rob and Marcel did an excellent job building it, it's sturdy, strong and now I want to add more extensions!"

M. James- Nipissing

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